Chief’s Punishment Nombre Deux

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Chief came off

the punishment

nombre un

rather red in face,flushed like a johnny

that be,limping up and down

one leg seeming short

by not inches but a foo

this respect,all gathered had freely on loot.

No sooner was chief alighted

from his upside down noose

and had begun whining,then a small kid came forward

and said,” this polar bear

had snatched a bumpkin

from mah squad

the lost baggy

would have, after all, grown to be my lot;having said that

I need to avenge that

of first of all and I am so

irate that I am, but second”

Sayin that the 9 year old

caught the ears of chief

and wrung them clockwise

and then anticlockwise

not one, but a couple of times.Chief grimaced in pain, face contorted

and so red

and the imp looked him in eye

making faces and vowing

something in revenge.

He declared with a Johnson bud in hand

that chief would sit still

and 3-4 kids would attempt

bud in nose and ears(with bud turned upside down)of chief, and

if chief moved

then kid trying would have the

right to slap chief on cheeks

any number of times or till

it grew as red as an apple, yeah!

He called to kids

come all and try you all woaha !

This poor fatso need tickling

a lot and we must come forward

and do the jeehavoha tum tum tum and dum dum dum dum !

Kids lunged

with first bud in

chief began hahahahahah

shook to stomach,the other brat

came forward

and chuckkkkk tuccccccccck

slapped chief per game rules;third one looked chief in face

to make certain how the slap felt,singing,” now this joker gunna cry

for we are known to slap good and high

and not just tickle soft by and by…..


dishoom, long live kiddo power the BOOOOOOOOM!


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.