Urban Sack-Chief coming back victorious

Before you go about troubling your brain in reading I want you to laugh to full extent. Check this comedy literature par excellence:



Scene 1


full of bumpkins

er ai & ayes

reigning supreme

most dead after a mule’s work

for few hours

then a hefty meal

of rough brown bread

and soured rye

then a belch

and 100s of snores

all fuckin bores !

Dead minds

no thinking

chief was main guide

a rotund man of 60s

who smiled

in his sense of intelligence

with lime of chalk of his folks.

Scene 2 Urbanity

Day arrived when chief

had to take a train and

chug to city.

All celebrations and

a huge send off-

for village would live

without its intelligence

till chief lived in city.

After 8 hours of train

in cheapest train class

(for that is what villagers could donate)

chief was feeling like

a sullen whore

having done 5 clients

side by side in a row.

However his pride

of village gungho

was intact.

Alighting at platform

he imperiously

summoned a cabbie

and asked him

if he would go

to that address

which looked

so far.

Young lad cabbie

eyed the chief

up and down

saluting him

every now and then

then told him to

get in

as the ride began.

To chief it looked like

it would never end

winding through roads,

mansions, homes

and streets

that cab ride

looked just shorter

than the chug.

From noon

it became


chief still sat

in the cab

now very tense and tight.

Then cabbie stopped

and whipped

the cab meter


and read


was the fare

and chief broke into sweat

(this sum was enough to mortgage the entire village)

for now he had

just $75 in pocket

that too for entire week.

His imperious tone

turned to a whimper

and he begged

for a fifty percent discount.

At that, young cabbie

screamed muttering,” do not

know from where these beggars come,

cannot afford a bicycle

and has hired a cab”

After that he slapped

chief 5-6 times

straight in cheeks

reddening them bright.

He spat

and took $75

and with a resounding kick

up chief’s ass


Next day

chief got up from bed

of a nearby hotel

(where he was given a bed

on condition that till he stayed

he would broom,sweep,wash

& launder for free against eats

of brown bread and sour rye

to which chief said aye- I dunno

why had chief come from village at all?;to eat

rough,bread,sour rye and broom? But, just saw

how tough can be the city for village bumpkins-even

the intelligent variety)

and sneaking in a balcony

(on pretext of brooming it)

he tried a limb spread

then his eyes

caught the scene

in front

and found

the train hub

of day before

right in front

for which he had traveled

half a day & $75 later

it was five steps off

chief was brightened

by his intelligence

of village fame

and decided

at once

to chug back

feeling the urban sack!


What do you think?


Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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