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ALL Against All.

Painted under the umbrella of my new concept – #immateriale-arte -, this is one of my last painted #Tweet a new way to share and talk about art, through the practical actuation of my idea. So at the end, I got the pleasure to present to your’s attention:

                                                                              ALL Against ALL. 

A tentative of describing the political Italian situation with the color of a painting.  This is an example of interactive art that is one of my new territory of research.

During the insertion of this piece in #Virily  so thinking about a world wide audience, I started to think that this painting:         ALL Against ALL

Could be used also for describing the Political situation of the World where we are completely divided on any practical decision.

This isn’t a good sign of the time but is the contemporaneity situation where each leader is pursuit the best for his native nation.  The result of this type of politics is to create something against the human being for augmenting the opportunities to reaching a devasted planet, where we altogether stay divided;

                                                                               ALL Against ALL.


What do you think?

Written by Flavio Fassio


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    • Ts S Art & Craft, I took a tour into your art. And what I have seen is great, your Idea and message of “I am Watching” with all the variations of your handcraft traced opera are Wow!!! Impressive!!
      But it was a really nice surprise following the trace of your operas into the web, discovered that is a portrait on one of the greatest Italian in the World Ennio Morricone. So I rethought at your message “I am Watching” finding something of a genius in it.
      Am really go crazy for your citation, really appreciate your intellectual effort and meaning research, well done my friend.
      Flavio painter of Trasformation.

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