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Alice in Wonderland Collage

I created a children’s book using these collage techniques.  This page is the Alice in Wonderland page.  The process included making thumbnail sketches and deciding on one, taking photos of a model for reference, creating a value sketch then color comps, all before working on the collage itself.  The collage is the fun part so all the build up was suspense before the exciting execution.  I love these collages and think they will make an excellent children’s book.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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    • Yes. After you have a text written, create a rough draft in black and white only. The artists often think they have to have a finished book to present but the publishers really want to see where you are going with it and then guide you in a direction that will better sell. If it is completely done, they feel like it is cast in stone and you won’t be amendable to any changes. However, if it is a black and white rough with maybe three or four pages in color to see your technique, then they think “she’s okay with changes and direction,” and they are more likely to take your project on. Remember the publishers feel they are taking all the risk, putting out time and paper and ink, advertising and shipping, while you only put in blood, sweat and love. (somehow I think we artists put out more than the publishers, but they don’t feel that way). Which is why the publishers contracts give the writer/illustrator only between 7 and 14 percent of the royalties. That means if your book sells for $10, you get between 7 cents and 14 cents each. Doesn’t seem right to me but there you are. Then taking the publishers advice to get the best sales possible does benefit you as well. As for where to send your book, buy the current Writers and Illustrators Market book. I gives you a good listing of all available publishers and what they are looking for and what they will not want from you. Good to know. Hope that helps a little.

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