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Abstract Photo Moto 79

I have been making some short fine art films based in abstract photography. I am pretty far into the beginnings of this idea. These films are silent and are meant to be a purely visual experience. I know that this may hurt the popularity of them so it was not a decision I made without thought. Usually editing takes place to sound in an animation which means that the films I have already made will remain silent. I encourage everyone to try and watch a two minute silent abstract film. It’s not the usual I know.

The films do have some structure and rhythm even without sound. The editing was done with the conventions that would be used with music or speech. Feel free to watch them to a music of your choice and they may be in sync at times. Did you ever turn off the sound on a television and play music instead? Sometimes the music just matches perfectly. Also, I confess to listening to music frequently as I am working on these. Setting up, lighting, and filming is big fun; but, editing is very tedious and time consuming. Without the local NPR station playing jazz and blues I would not be able to edit for hours.

This idea grabbed me and I just ran with it and didn’t let up for some months. It’s one of the reasons I have not been posting any updates for months. They are very time consuming and, for me, addicting.

Please enjoy this purely visual experience and let me know what you think. I meant this project to pay homage to the small gauge films of the early 1980’s. The beauty is that they are made with the analog techniques of those films with digital equipment. It’s analog in Hi-Def!


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    • Thank you so much. You could probably – it’s just a succession of experiments. I am trying to write a post about it. The process is deceptively easy and accessible but the post is proving hard to write. It’s long.

  1. I really want to watch the video because I am very interested in abstract photos and even want to start a weekly challenge with that theme, unfortunately, the video cannot be loaded, even though I have reloaded repeatedly.
    “The connection has timed out

    The server at is taking too long to respond. “

    • On my You Tube page the numbers are the same. I’m glad you told me this because other people probably are having the same problem. YouTube is a better choice! I’m glad you have enjoyed these. Lots of people find it hard to watch for too long.


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