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A painting describe the life of the below poverty line.

A few months ago, our municipal corporation decided to stop the manual boat driven by the local boatmen and will start a motorboat to cross the river quickly. It will save the time of people and it also a part of the development of our area. Not a bad idea, but such a decision will stop earning of those boatmen who have been helping us to cross the dangerously flowing river from an immeasurable time by avoiding every risk and facing the natural disaster. In return, we just paid a little amount. Now, it’s time of the evening in their life. Who will help them to cross the river of their life? The painting whispering my empathy for those boatmen whom I know very well.

Painting details

Title – Life of the rural boatmen. Medium – Oil on canvas. Size – H – 15 X W – 24 inch.


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Written by amarsingha