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Selling the real Amityville House…

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

For fun, I watched the Amityville Horror movie again on the indie channel. It was the first version, starring Brolin, Margot, Kidder, Natasha Ryan, Meeno Peluce, and other actors. I also decided to do my own research about the real house and the murders. The movie was based on information given by the Lutz family. They now have moved on, without their belongings, and living in another state. 

The Real Amityville Horror

On November 13, 1974, a family was murdered while sleeping in their bed. There wasn’t any motive for this murder. The Defeo family were murdered in this Long Island home. The real address of this house is at 112 Ocean Avenue, at a suburban neighborhood in Amityville, located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. It is a large Dutch Colonial house. November 13, 1974 was on a Wednesday, the day of woe. In the movie, it was later revealed that oldest son had killed his family for no apparent reason.

In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr killed his parents and four younger siblings while sleeping in their bed.  In 1975, he was found guilty on second-degree murders, sentenced to six consecutive life sentences, and sent to Green Haven Correctional Facility in Beekman, New York. His appeals for parole have all been turned down. Ronald DeFeo Jr was born on September 26, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York, and he is now 68 years old. He has been married three times to three different women, Nissa Burkhalter, Barbara Puco, and Geraldine Gates, each marriage lasting between 3 to 5 years. His parents were Ronald DeFeo Sr, Louise Defeo, and his siblings were Dawn, Allison, John Matthew, and Marc DeFeo.

Fast forward to current time. A new family, family of 5, Lutz, buys the house. As the parents were unpacking, the man pulls out a shining silver crucifix, and he hangs it on the wall. A priest enters the house to bless it, but a swarm of deadly flies attack him, and a voice in the house tells him to get out. He leaves the house. Every time a priest or nun tries to contact the family to warn them, something attacks them and makes them leave. (the swarm of flies remind me of Lord of the Flies).

The mother, played by Margot Kidder, always has an innocent outfit on. Two high ponytails with ribbons, a daisy in her hair, above her left ear, as she was making love with her husband, and a catholic school girl outfit—plaid long skirt, knee-high socks, white shirt and navy cardigan.

The little girl creates an imaginary friend, a demonic pig with red eyes named Jodie. (another scene that reminds me of Lord of the Flies).

The crucifix is suddenly hanging upside down, which is satanic.

Throughout the movie, ghosts or demonic forces are haunting the house to scare them out.

Every night at 3:15am, the man wakes up. (3am is the satanic hour).

The man goes to the library to do some research, as well as asks some friends. They later discover something hidden in the basement, behind a wall. The break the stone brick wall to discover red brick wall, which is the passage of hell. People were sacrificed and buried in that area. The man who built the house was a Salem witch, and there were satanic rituals and sacrifices performed in the house.


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