Handyman builds a special swing set for an autistic young man

This story that comes from Knoxville Tennessee is an amazing story of how Jenifer Thomas who is the mother of her 23 year old son Cobey who suffers from autism which prevents him from being able to speak, faced her toughest challenge in her life when her son who is 6 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds had this tough time due to his huge size which prevents him from enjoying his passion of playing on a swing set.

Jenifer was on this mission last year near the Christmas holidays to find a contractor who would be willing to build a special swing set for her son who enjoys his free time riding on a swing which does not harm anyone who is near Cobey.

After the majority of handymen refused to build a special swing set  for Cobey unless they would be paid for their work of building a special swing set which is understandable since they are in business to make money.

However one handyman named Adam Ellis who works in the Knoxville region as Mister Handyman decided to open his heart of compassion and with the help of an engineer were able to find the right size for Cobey to have his dream swing set to become a reality.

When the swing set that was made for Cobey was complete in a few days, Jenifer was very thankful that Mr. Handyman opened his heart of compassion and built a swing set for his son so he could enjoy his free time swinging on his favorite swing set.

One way a contractor can gain many new customers is to show some compassion to a client that needs a special swing set for an autistic young man who is nicknamed the “Gentle Giant”. by doing the work for free and plant the seed for future blessings in the future.


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