A Beautiful Forgotten Time Capsule


This group of urban explorers, in April of 2015, had stepped into what once must have been a quaint country house, constructed by a loving and caring family. The leader writes:”This house, like so many other broken and forsaken discovered in old rural districts, remains as no more than a discarded box of garbage to most curious discoverers.


So, in the final chapter of its existence, what becomes of the places that life has departed from? In many situations, these properties are fairly rapidly reclaimed by nature itself, but in some cases, they remain strangely pristine, for many years, merely gathering dust. At this particular property, the explorer had been completely unprepared for what he and his co-explorers were about to find. They were about to enter what one could only describe as mind-boggling and astounding, in fact, that he was grappling for the right descriptive words to describe the house and its contents magnificence.


Most people tend to abstractly flip through books, some of us will even look inside, but I feel, that we ought to proverbially, really stop and smell the metaphorical roses, by actually reading some of the scripts and truly see the subtle yet eminently more intriguing story behind that which is obvious and visible to the naked eye. That, I deeply believe is the full story even with people I chance to meet on my journey. Looking not only what or whom I see, but also what and whom it or they once had been long ago,  learning the full story, more often than not, you will discover a wonderful world hidden inside something or someone.



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