You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With These Chameleon Babies!

We all love those little lizards that put a bit of magic and change their color. Have you ever seen those heart warming chameleon babies? They are on of the few animals that an actually change the color.  Known as very good pets, Chameleons are a very unique branch of the lizard group of reptiles. There are 171 species of chameleons. There are so many different species, which means they come in different sizes too. Unlike other animals, chameleons continue to grow throughout their lives. As their old skin gets too small, they will shed it in bits and pieces, dissimilar to snakes that shed their skin all at once.

These cute chameleon babies are hatching from eggs. Eggs generally hatch after four to 12 months, again depending on species. Each young chameleon is born within the sticky transparent membrane of its yolk sac.When the processes of hatching starts, the mother presses each egg onto a branch, where it sticks. The membrane bursts and the newly hatched chameleon frees itself and climbs away to hunt for itself and hide from predators.

It is a common misjudgment that the chameleons change their color to match the environment. They do this in order to communicate with other chameleons. Emotions can be expressed this way. Anger or fear, changes in light, temperature or humidity can make this little ones change the color.

Check out these cute chameleon babies and find out more about them!


Mainly, chameleons are inhabitants of Madagascar. They range from Africa to southern Europe, and across south Asia to Sri Lanka.Their natural habitat are in rain forests, savannas, semi-deserts and steppes.


Chameleons have the most distinctive eyes of any reptile. This gives them a full 360-degree arc of vision around their body. Chameleons have very good eyesight for reptiles, letting them see small insects from a long (5–10 m) distance. This helps them spot their prey easier.


Different species of chameleons have different sizes. The smallest one is 15 millimetres, which is male Brookesia micra . This one is known as the world's smallest lizard.The male Furcifer oustaleti is the biggest in size, with having 68.5 centimetres long body.

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