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Have You Seen A Baby Chameleon Bursting From An Egg Before?

Chameleons are the color-changing reptiles that always amaze us. They make good pets too. Bet that you have never seen how a baby chameleon bursts out of it’s egg. This magnificent video shows you the process of creating a new life. It is incredible to see a tiny creature struggling to crawl out of the egg shell.

How does it all happen? It takes 150-200 days for the eggs to hatch. The female will lay her eggs somewhere safe, like under a rock or in soft soil. She digs a hole, drops the eggs in and covers them. And that’s it. Her job is done. The mother leaves ad never returns. The sun will keep the eggs warm. After a few moths, the eggs are ready to be hatched. That’s the time when they break through the thin membrane of the egg and crawl out. Have you known that they never meet their parents? When they hatch, the little chameleons have the needed skills to survive on their own. Some species do not even lay eggs.They keep them inside until the babies are ready. These amazing animals just continue to amaze us!

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