What will happen to Choupette?

Friday, 2.2219

My 19-year-old cat Gumby was adopted from a neighbor who died of cancer. He now enjoys a spoiled life indoors. I am always worried about other animals who are left behind after their owner dies. So, I was wondering what would happen to this Choupette and who will take care of her. Will she still be with her two maids? Or, did Karl Lagerfeld find a guardian for her?

Well, these two videos don’t mention who will actually take care of her. But she apparently has her own bank account. She even made her own money as a model. Plus, she is Karl’s heiress. He left her more money. I guess she has expensive food, treats, doctors, etc. I hope someone will take care of her and give her a good life.

What ever happened to the model that gave him Choupette? This model should probably be Choupette’s guardian. And, he or she should hire the maids to help care of Choupette because I am sure that cat is now used to an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous.


What do you think?


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