They’re Back!

Friday, 11.2.18

I get out of bed at 6:30 pm and noticed it is still dark outside, just in time for Daylight Savings Ending tomorrow. I eat my breakfast and feed Gumby. By 7:00 am, it is light outside. I take out the trash bin. While in the kitchen, putting stuff away, I notice a mouse go under the stove. I call Gumby to inform him. But I think he already knows because he was walking around and looking for something last night. He was even sleeping by me on the cushion at 7 pm, like he was waiting patiently for something around the corner.

While driving by the park, I noticed a dead animal in the middle of the street. I am not sure if it was a wildlife animal or someone’s pet. I felt sorry for it that it can’t live its life in peace. When I arrived at the mall, I noticed a dead cockroach.

I decided to go to the gym for a noon yoga class. I ran into some familiar faces from Zumba Party. I still felt tired this morning. So, I went into the sauna for a couple of minutes. I didn’t feel like walking on the treadmill. After one hour of yoga, I felt energized. I walked out into the mall in hot and sunny weather. The mall looked busy for early November, around 1 pm.

I returned home and ate my lunch while watching indie channel. Suddenly, Gumby comes in front of me with a gift. He lays it on the floor and tells me to check it out. It is a dead mouse that he just killed, his trophy kill. He went back into the kitchen to look for more. I got a paper towel to pick it up and throw it in the garbage bin in the garage.


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