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The world’s most dangerous hunter cat discovered.

This cats found in the forest of South Africa are called black-footed black-kittens. It has recently been revealed that it hunts 10 to 14 small birds and mice in a night and its attack style is very aggressive, sharp and violent.

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Experts revealed during a documentary recording for PBS Natural Resources, that this little cat is also dangerous than a leopard, because it hunt such animals in a night as much as a leopard can kill in six months.

During the time, experts from beast saw the scenes that were never mentioned before, for this many radio caller were worn in the cats. The video of this black-colored cat shows that  this cat is sitting for two hours continuously for the victim and her way of attack are so sharp that a bird can not get rid of her grip.It keeps up and stays throughout the night, and it hunts 10 birds and mice in a night.

This cat, which is found in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, is close to stop their generations. Often it also waits for its prey by digging in the dust. It is 100% successful in the entire life of its generation when hunts.


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  1. Yes I remember reading about this little kitty cat in Live Sciences Nature if I remember well. It is quite the hunter according to what I read. I have not seen the documentary. For such a small cat, it eats a lot but of course he spends a lot of energy at night, so I guess he needs the food to replenish. Excellent presentation about an endangered species.