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Some German Shepherd Facts

Here are some facts about the German Shepherd Dog

  • It is the second most registered dog in USA
  • The breed’s popularity in America was significantly enhanced by Strongheart and  Rin Tin Tin, who were male German Shepherds who appeared in several movies in the 1920s.
  • In some parts of Europe, the breed is known as the Alsatian Wolf Dog.
  • They love their owners but they are not fond of strangers. They will never abandon their owners even in the face of great danger.
  • They are large dogs and they require a lot of space to run and play in.
  • They are very loyal and intelligent. You will find them in a variety of roles which include family, guarding, police, and military.
  • They come in wide variety of coat colours which include black and tan, black and cream, sable, solid black, black and silver. In rare cases you can come across a panda pattern.
  • They will do well with owners who are able to give them a lot of one on one time.
  • Their coats require regular weekly grooming.
  • The average life span is just under 11 years.


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