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Silicone Valley family hire a flat at $ 1500 for Pet Cat.

Every one love cat’s and cat is the  most innocent  beautiful creature of God. People who love cat, definitely they take good care of them. But here an american family has record of taking care of cat and love for them. An american family belonging to Silicone Valley recently hire a flat on rent at $ 1500 not for anyone else but for their pet cats.

By reading this you will understand that the number of pet cats will be very high, that this family and cat can’t stay together at home? No sir , These pet cat are just two.

Only two cats can not live with a family. Is there a number of people in this family? But it is not the case, the problem is that these pet cats could not stay in this house due pet dogs.

David Kalsh is not happy with their tenants living in 425-sq ft flat area of California. He neither drink nor cigarettes nor are any other habit of evil Nor listen to music loudly. The reason is that Tina and Louise are two Cats.

Kalsh’s friend Troye requested that to keep her daughter’s pet cats as her tenants in his house. He was surprised to hear this, but then he realized that he could not get better than cats tenants.

Troye 18 year old daughter have two pets cats and she could not keep them in the university hostel with herself. For that he asked for help from his father, but his father already had a pet dog.Then tyhe family hire a separate flat for both cats to live together.


Victoria Amit is aware of the criticism on separate accommodation of cats, while explaining this, she says that this is just for time being solution and she will keep both the cats with them as soon as they move to their home.

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