Mind Blowing Facts About The Magnificent Peacocks

Peacocks are the prettiest birds that exist. They continue to amaze us with their strong appearance. The iridescent feathers with eye-like finish on top are recognizable. Get to know more about these amazing birds! Have you known that only the male ones have the specific feathers? Find out why this happens, and many more things connected with them.

Peacocks or?

Most of the people call them peacocks. But in reality, these bird type is called Peafowl. The male is named Peacock, while the female Peahen. And the name of a baby is called Peachick. Logically!

Why do they have the feathers?

Only male have the big feathers. When released, they will form a fan that is 2 meters long. This is used in order to attract females. Also, it is used to make the bird appear bigger and scare the potential enemy.


There are 3 types of peafowl: the Indian, the Green and the Congo. The most famous one and commonly present in zoos around the world is the Indian one.


Peafowl are omnivors. This means that they eat many types of plants, flowers, seeds, insects and small reptiles such as lizards.

What happens with the feathers?

Every year, after the mating season their feathers fall off. They are so lucky because people do not kill them because of their feathers. They will collect them once they fall off. The average life lasts around 20 years in the wild.

How about flying?

Yes, these birds are able to fly despite their big size. But not far.


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