Lanthrop-Manteca (CA) firefighters rescue a female dog that was stuck

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I do not about your feelings of seeing animals like dogs and cats getting stuck in the home of the owner of the dog who needs help, but in my case it breaks my heart to see a dog like Luna who had her head stuck in a wall at the home of her owner Kerri Foust,

Last Tuesday, Kerri was shocked to see her pet dog Luna having her head outside of the wall while the lower part of her torso was inside the home.

Kerri made the decision to call the Lanthrop-Manteca  Fire Department immediately so they could come to free Luna from her compromising position.

The Lanthrop-Manteca Fire Department are specialist not only in fighting fires in the California region. They also do the work of rescue pets and humans that need their assistance.

The Lanthrop-Manteca Firefighters used a metal bar and a strong arm to free Luna from her trap in about 10 minutes.

What is interesting of this story is that Luna Is just a puppy who underestimated the size of the hole in the home of her owner when she found out not to sound insensitive “Biting off more than she can chew.”

Kerri appreciated the work that the firefighters did to rescue her puppy who is in good spirits after her adventure trying to get through a small hole in the wall of her owners home.

I am sure Luna will think twice before trying that stunt again. My thanks to the firefighters in the Lanthrop-Manteca Fire Department for their super efforts to assist Luna be free as a bird once again.



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