Danville Indiana police officer assists a raccoon who needed help


wh due I am sure a lot of us remember the character “Curious George” who was a monkey who got into trouble due to his curious nature, thus his character name.

George’s partner was the character who is known by his name “The Man With The Yellow Hat.”

In Danville Indiana, Danville Metropolitan Police Officer Josh Gauger who made headlines last summer when he rescued a raccoon that had a jar of peanut butter attached to his head.

One year later Officer Gauger was on patrol in the evening hours when he saw another raccoon who needed help to get rid of a jar that was trapped on his head once again.

Officer Gauger had the assistance of his camera that he wears on his uniform to record any event that happens whether it is good or bad when is he on patrol.

I am not sure if the raccoon is the same raccoon who had a jar on his head since it is evident that the racoon was hungry for a snack and due to the desire to eat food, the raccoon did not know that he or she can stick his or her head inside a jar and try to eat the contents inside of the jar, only to realize that getting its head of the jar was tougher than he or she thought.

Officer Gauger was able to release the raccoon from its predicament and release the critter who probably went back to its home feeling thankful that a police officer rescued it from a possible bad ending from either starvation or lack of oxygen to breathe.

The old saying holds true “History repeats itself.”

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