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Comedy unique style of animals and birds – Award Winning Pix 2018

A surprisingly disturbed squirrel image has earned the comedy walled life photography award this year. From the thousands of selected pictures from around the world, the  photo of the Florida state-owned photographer Mary McGon, Florida, was named as the best in all the pictures. The title of this picture was “caught In the Act’.

Other pictures of the liking included an incredible bear, a smiling shark, and apparently a silky wristed Genda.Below are some  interesting pictures included in this competition.

The picture of a magnificent squirrel of Mary McGawon is considered to be the best image overall, as well as People’s Choice and the creature of the Land.

Shane Kenia gets the award of Creature of the Year, apparently making a picture of this owl.

Smile in front of the camera! Tania Happerman received a picture of Blue Shark’s smile in ‘Under the Sea’ category.

Seeing this picture it feels as if a genda has spreads on wings like a breast.

The image of this depressed bear made by Daniel De Amro in the American state of Alaska.

Royie Galters saw this emerging photographer at the swalbird in Norway.

Garet Wagon saw this red squirrel in Sweden in some way.

Look at this one – No less than an amazing photo.

Volitu, a picture made by Sergey Sway in Sri Lanka, looks like two libraries are tango dancing.

Surigev Sway also protected the scene of dramatic fighting of two monkeys in the Kang Karacini National Park. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Award is publishing a book, for the help of the welfare organization, Born-free Foundation.


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