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Awesome looking Reindeer.

When we was driving in the big city we seen something going on at a car dealer .So we went around and came back and stopped .They had some reindeer and a Santa there .

We was able to get some pictures of the Reindeer and Santa in a sled.My 6 year old was very excited to see Santa and a few of his reindeer’s.

Inside the car dealers area they had a few things for the kids to do like coloring books , painting faces and frosting cookies .

We was there for about an hour. It ended up being very nice.we got some nice pictures of the Reindeer and Santa .

Below are some of the nicer pictures we took of the 3 reindeer,  The reindeer’s names are Comet, Dancer and Vixen .  We had a blast, I hoping they do this again this year.

Comet the reindeer

Dancer the Reindeer

Vixen the Reindeer

Santa ,Comet and my family

  1. looks like the making of a very happy family memory Jenny :). These moments are more precious to children than anything money can buy, because it is a part of you that they’ll carry forever.

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