All my of animals that i've had in my life-part 1

Well let me think I haven’t had a lot of animals in my life. Well I’ll start when I was a little girl I’ve had a shetland pony that my dad had won in a poker game from his boss when he used to work at a deadstock company. Tell you one thing for sure that shetland pony was smart. I was five years old when my dad put me on this shuttling Pony but somehow I fell off and tell right underneath his hoof and he refused to take another step until I would move out from underneath his hoof and that’s when my love for Animals began. I’ve also raised a baby deer, a baby duck, my dad found a baby hawk in the middle of the road so he pulls over and he picked it up we took it somewhere so it would be safe. I also have raised numerous dogs and cats over the years. My dog named “lady” was a sheltie and Collie mix. When we went to the Humane Society to pick out a puppy. When we got there we were looking at this one puppy almost dead and and the guy that work there told us that lady and six other puppies and the mother was hung from a tree and they were all dead except for lady lady was the last one that survived sort of my mom saw her and and the guy was telling my mom that they’re going to euthanize her because they didn’t think she was going to survive the night so my mom took a look at her and she says Oh no you’re not she wanted her my mom took her home and bottle fed her and you know did all the painstaking things that you had to do to save her but she did Lady survived and then after she grew up  she thought she was a person Instead of dog. I mean she had to have her head on a pillow and be covered up with a blanket like she was a kid and eat at table like everyone else did. (To be continued)


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