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A service dog at a junior high school improves the reading skills of students

There is one thing that amazes me about the powers that a dog has to improve the lives of students at South Ogden Junior High School in Ogden Utah.

Paul Woodin who is the owner of the Goldendoodle male dog named Bentley and the school librarian asked permission from the superintendent of the school to have the dog as the animal that would be inside the library at the junior high school where the students who have fright of being laughed at by their fellow students when they would read a book aloud in class would be able to overcome their fear of reading out loud to a service dog.

The idea of having Bentley who is gentle and would not harm any of the students reading a book in his presence inside the library has improved the grades of KImberlee Irvine who is an eight grade English teacher who is impressed that her students grades have improved drastically after they read books to the dog.   

Bentley has been as the best friend at the school library for four years since he was a puppy. It is kind of odd to have a dog sit and listen to the students read a book out loud to him since Bentley will not make any judgements of the reading skills of the students inside of the library.


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