A rescue mission of two dogs trapped into a frozen reservoir

This story is amazing since it is a case of one man and his wife being at the right place at the right time when two puppies were trapped in the icy waters of the Irvington Reservoir which is located in Westchester New York.

Timofey Yuriev and his wife Melissa Kho were walking nearby with their Golden Retriever when they heard a call for help from an owner of two dogs who were trapped in the Irvington Reservoir icy waters after they ran into the waters and they fell through the ice which placed them in grave danger.

Timofey was trained by his grandfather when he was seven years of age to swim in cold water conditions when he was living in Siberia to handle swimming in adverse conditions like in this case.

Timofey had two options which were he could call her help by the authorities to make an attempt to rescue the two puppies who were struggling to get out of the icy waters which would have been too late for an attempted rescue to be successful.

Timofey had the assistance of his Golden Retriever Kira to assist him to risk his life to jump into the icy water and rescue the two puppies out of the icy water one pup at a time which was successful thanks to Timofey applying the lessons of swimming in cold water back in Siberia when he was a young man.

Melissa Kho was filming the adventure of her husband his pet dog being successful to rescue the two puppies and return them to their owner who was really grateful that Timofey did take the chance to save the two puppies who are likely to think twice before entering a body of icy water in the future.   

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