A dog who lives up to his name which is Lucky

Three years ago Brian Lane adopted a West Highland Terrier who he named Lucky who was outside of a Wendy’s restaurant in Long Island New York.

I am not here to second guess how Brian should raise his dog but on one Monday evening, Brian did not have on a leash his pet dog when he allowed Lucky to go the backyard so he could take care of his business of answering nature’s call.

What happened next was that Lucky who must be a dog that is curious to see what the world looks beyond his owner’s backyard decided to take a run on the Long Island Expressway or LIE as it called in the area.

Normally when a dog decides to talk a run into an expressway where this a lot of traffic, the risk of a dog getting hit by an auto is high.

However some of the motorist who saw the dog running on the LIE who are dog lovers decided to stop their autos and pick up Lucky and place them into their auto to take him back to his owners home.

Brian was able to be reunited with his dog Lucky after a motorist who happens to be a dog owner herself played the role of Good Samaritan and save Lucky from a tragic ending by being hit by an auto.

I am sure that Brian will think twice before letting his dog go outside of his home without a leash when Lucky needs a bathroom break from now on.

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Written by Deepizzaguy

Satire writer, loves WordGirl cartoons, baseball fan and an old school hero fan.

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          • No, no problem… It was an ok thing and your right to comment, I think the problem was even publishing such a thing… Like copy-pasting someone’s discussion… I just tried to explain that I know the author had a good intention but it also frustrated me, it was exposed to all the members to read while it could go unnoticed, especially that it was already solved… Then by publishing it, it only made it worse (for me)…..

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