8 Reasons Why Fluffy Cats Are Awesome!

Every cat lover wants to have a huggable puff-ball at home! Fluffy cats are like a work of art: so soft and so cute! When they sit at the corner of the sofa, they look like an adorable souvenir!

Whenever we see someone walking down the streets with a fluffy cat, it is unavoidable to stop and ask for a sweet hug from that little ball of fur!

1. Fluffy cats look royal. They are fancy and they always look amazing if we put an accessory on them. Especially female cats, they look like queens if we “decorate” them with some colorful jewelries.



2. Fluffy cats are also very sensitive. They ask for a lot of attention, and that’s one of the main reasons why we choose to keep them. They make us feel like we have a fluffy human next to us.

3. They are also very lazy, and the best sleeping buddies, because you can hug them and fall asleep like a baby!

4. We all must admit that they are also way more adorable when they sit in a spot at our home, making themselves look like an expensive souvenir!

5. But, they are also very needy sometimes. They can sit on the kitchen counter, waiting for us to feed them or pet them. But that just so cute, isn’t it? Our little baby balls of fur are so sweet when they express their face of neediness!

6.  Fluffy cats are amazing creatures! They are a heavenly gift for cat lovers and they are also very photogenic! I bet fluffy cat owners can’t stop taking pictures of their babies all day long!

7. They do everything in an adorable way: sleeping, eating, playing with their toys or their tails, or chasing the laser dot!

8. They are also very smart. They won’t do anything if they don’t feel the real need to do it. You don’t want your buddy to get tired for nothing, do you? They will only chase the red dot if they feel the real need for it!

If you are a true cat lover, and never owned a fluffy cat, don’t hesitate to get one! I bet you will be thanking us for your decision and feel happy and entertained 100 percent of the time!


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Written by Alex


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