7 Telltale Signs You Are a Crazy Golden Retriever Person

Golden Retrievers are special dogs. They are a lively and energetic breed that brings a smile into the broodiest of faces. Moreover, many consider them the friendliest dogs for their playful nature and full of life attitude. And if you are a proud owner of one (or two), then you know how richer and more fulfilled your life is.

So, here are 7 telltale signs you are a crazy golden retriever person which show you will never be able to resist them even if they’re not your dog.

  1. You have to say “hello” to every golden retriever in the streets

Even a simple walk down the street or through the park turns into a party when you spot a golden retriever. They will certainly come by to say hello and you will very quickly start speaking in a baby voice, in public and front of their owner. And while their owner may try to engage in conversation with you, that will be pointless since all your attention belongs to their dog.

Basically, you can’t pass by a golden retriever without saying “hello” and even play with them for a while. Moreover, you even carry treats if you accidentally encounter one to give them for simply existing on this planet.

  1. You refer to them as your children

To you, your golden retriever is your baby and no matter how many disapproving looks you receive, you will always call them that. A Japanese study has found that the bond owners have with their dogs is very much the same as the one formed between parents and children. And so it shouldn’t be surprising at all that you treat your golden retriever as you child and your kids call them brother or sister. If you go to the pet store, you can hardly resist not to buy them a toy, treat, especially tasty food or clothes. Or even all the mentioned.

  1. You can’t resist buying anything with Golden Retriever

If you see a book, a tee-shirt or just a plush toy with a golden retriever, you need to have it. You easily fall for “Goldens Are the Best” and “Proud Retriever Mom Here” emblems, or you design your own. Even your car is decorated so that all other drivers know who’s your dog. And when it comes to movies, you can’t resist watching one with a golden retriever even if you are not such a big fan of the genre.

  1. They are your exercise buddies

Being as energetic as they are, you will find a perfect exercise buddy in your golden retriever. You simply can’t go for a run or bike ride without them by your side. In a way, that makes them an ideal personal trainer that will certainly make sure you are always in shape. Not to mention that you will take them on all sorts of active adventures with you like hiking, paragliding, and camping.

  1. You spend a lot of time reading about them

As a dog owner, you want to stay informed about the latest happenings in the pet world. After all, you want to provide your best friend with the highest quality of care and affection. Since golden retrievers are a popular dog breed, you can easily spend a lot of time reading about them. From educational websites like Totally Goldens to funny anecdotes and gifs, it’s pretty easy to get lost in all the information. And before you know it, you spent hours online reading about golden retrievers with the goofiest smiles on your face.

  1. You constantly post photos of them on your social media

You can’t resist taking pictures of them all the time and, of course, sharing them with the world. So, soon enough, your social media profile becomes theirs. Photos of them sleeping, playing and giving you a scornful look when you can’t play are the predominant ones. Although you throw in a few pictures you have together or them hanging out with their canine friends or yours. After all, you have such a great and loving friend that it’s hard to resist to tell everyone about them, even the strangers.

  1. Playtime is your favorite time, too

Your golden retriever loves to play, and since you got him, you can’t wait for playtime, as well. No matter the weather or place, you are just happy to play fetch with your furry companion. Even when they eat the ball for the thousandth time, you always have a couple in reserve so your play is uninterrupted. But actually, having this special moment with your dog is good for both of you since it boosts the production of feel-good hormones.


These 7 telltale signs you are crazy golden retriever person show that you are a devoted dog owner or that you should become one. Having a dog is a commitment, but one that brings you joy and happiness at every corner. After all, there is nothing better than sharing your life with someone who will always make your day better as golden retrievers can.

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  1. Yes Golden Retrievers seem to be one of the companionship type dog ever. I never had such a great looking baby but always enjoyed meeting one during a walk or a at the park etc. I had my own babies though in the past: Princess, a Shetland sheepdog, Belle, an American Eskimo and Tasha , a mix Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. All three were my best friends, confidantes, trainers and coaches as they took me out for a walk.

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