6 Signs You Are Catly Addicted

There is no denying the fact the invention of Internet was purposefully meant for cats. If you disagree with me look at the loads of photos and videos littered on the Internet of cats, then you will agree with me these feline creatures receive a lot of admiration than is necessary to admit. Never mind even dog owners once in a while will gaze at the photos of cats on their computers, mind me again, cats playing with their owners, and mind me again, kittens playing together or with their moms, if you don’t mind.

In fact, studies have shown people who were raised with cats are more likely to own a cat than people who were raised with dogs. It’s pretty hard to see a person who was raised with cats switching to dogs later in adult life than it’s easy to see a person who was raised with dogs switching to cats in adult life or living with both pets.

Well, are you curious to know whether you are crazily in love with a cat or not (crazy-nut cat lover)? If you exhibit any of these signs, and you don’t have a cat for cat’s sake you need to find one. If you have a cat, it doesn’t hurt to have another one. But whether you have or don’t have a cat, these are the signs which show you really have a heart for cats.

Catyish Talk

First, I must admit there is no word by the name ‘catyish,’ but you get the drill. If you always happen to talk about cats to your friends and/or loves ones, that is, chatting about cats then you are addicted to cats. Whether it’s a movie you saw where a cat was at the center stage (probably, a starring) or read an inspiring story of cat saving its owner, seriously it is a sign you need to get yourself a cat.

Feline by Nature (FBN)

If you were raised up with cats forming part of your family, then obviously you are more opt to become a cat lover in your adult life. This is in fact backed by researched studies. People who were raised with cats are more likely to own a cat than those who were raised with dogs. Well, no need to be surprised if you find out dog lovers also have a cat alongside their dogs. Then, you shouldn’t become angry to find out cat lovers will rarely be seen having a dog alongside their cats.

Feline by Incident (FBI)

I know. Don’t worry. It’s not Federal Bureau Investigation.

There are different ways a cat can get into a person’s heart in very delicate manners. The fact they’re affectionate is a reason some people have found themselves falling in love with these creatures. Rubbing itself against your leg, licking your fingers, lying on your lap are some of cats’ characteristics that have caught the hearts of individuals who were not, probably they are not, cat lovers.

If you find yourself not a cat lover but find you always admire them, you should just accept you are a cat lover.

Scanning gazing

If you are one of those people who cannot get enough of cats’ photos on the Internet, magazines and printed photos, then if you don’t have a cat by now, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. This also goes to those who are mesmerized when it comes to watching videos involving cats or throwing now-and-then glances at a neighbor’s cat for whatever reason such as the cat playing by itself or with its kittens.

I cannot deny now and then my Facebook profile page won’t miss a photo of a cat. This goes a long way to show browsing photos of cats on Internet indicate I’m obsessed with these feline creatures. How they can get hold of a person’s heart, it’s mind-blogging in itself.

A space, please

If you usually sleep in funny positions on bed with a cat, then you are totally addicted to this animal. I mean you’re sleeping vertically and your cat horizontally, I mean diagonally, or in whatever position with its forelegs on top of your body kind of sitting in an outstretched manner, seriously dead asleep as you.

When you curl your cat around you (in front of you close to the face or near your belly while sleeping on bed), then you’re seriously a cat maniac. Or, you’ve covered yourself tightly with a blanket or sheet, that when your cat wakes up from sleep and wants to get out of bed it’s not possible because there’s no outlet then you are among the cat lovers who have made the list of cat lovers.

Meow you

I have got this habit of when walking and I come across cat; I imitate the sound it makes, ‘meow.’ Good thing about this feline is, it meows back. Never mind dogs don’t find it funny when you bark at them. You can risk injury because they’ll get infuriated. For cats, ‘meow,’ they’ll meow back and possibly follow you, either expecting a rub on their body or something to give them to eat.

I’m never sure why only one name sticks in my head which I seem to call every cat I come across – Puss. (off-beat by the way).

If you like meowing, the meows for goodness sake means you need to get one meow not only as a pet but as an affectionate companion. Thanks for dropping by to know whether you’re a meow person or addicted to cats or exhibiting signs of having fallen in love with these meows guys and ladies.


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