What Do You Know About Algeria?

About Algeria quiz very easy and simple quiz created for you. This quiz will give you some simple knowledge about Algeria. I think you will like my simple quiz, if you like it then Please share it and tell me your score in comment box.


  • What is the official language of Algeria?

    • English
    • France
    • Arabic
    • Algerian
  • Which body of water does Algeria border?

    • Atlantic Ocean
    • Mediterranean Sea
    • Adriatic Sea
  • Algeria is the largest country in Africa.

    • False
    • True
  • This mountain range contains Algeria’s highest point (Mount Tahat at 3,003 m or 9,852 ft), and is located in the Sahara Desert near the Tropic of Cancer. It is part of an Algerian national park; what is the name of the range?

    • Rwenzori Mountains
    • Atlas Mountains
    • Ahaggar Mountains
    • Nuba Mountains
  • What was the name of the ancient country that roughly covered modern Algeria, and was under Carthaginian rule until the East Numidian leader allied with Rome in the Punic Wars?

    • Jubaland
    • Babylon
    • Numidia
  • Algeria has seven land borders, including one with Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara. With which country is the border the longest?

    • Mali
    • Tunisia
    • Mauritania
    • Morocco
  • After the Algerian War (1954-1962), Algeria won its independence from which country?

    • Saudi Arabia
    • France
    • Ottoman Empire
  • Zehira Djelloul is an Algerian R’n’B singer who immigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1999. She was featured on the Flo Rida/Timbaland song “Elevator”. Which of these is her stage name?

    • Dima
    • Zaho
    • Beyonc√©
  • Which of these is the name of the North African Pan-Arab trade agreement that Algeria is part of?

    • African Union
    • Maghreb Union
    • United Nations
    • Tamazight Union

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