The California Gold Rush: How It All Began!

Hi. In this quiz on American Studies, we cover the key events that triggered, and led to, the ever-popular Californian Gold Rush. This pivotal world-changing, gold rush began after substantial gold deposits were discovered in rich gold-bearing lands in Northern California.

By the end of the Gold Rush era, gold that was worth tens (if not hundreds) of billions of US dollars in today’s value had been recovered in California. This landmark period in history subsequently changed the fortunes of California in particular, and also the rest of America and many other countries, in the long-term.

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  • Question of

    On which date were the first gold deposits found at Sutter’s Mill, on the American River, near Coloma; sparking off the gold rush in California?

    • June 24, 1847
    • January 24, 1848
    • March 24, 1849
    • September 24, 1850
  • Question of

    What was the constitutional status of California in relation to the United States, at the time when gold was first discovered at Sutter’s Mill, Coloma?

    • California was already a State of the United States.
    • California was a formal “Territory” of the United States.
    • California was part of Mexico, but was under American military occupation.
    • California was a “Possession” of the United States; but not yet a formal US “Territory”.
  • Question of

    What did John Sutter and his colleagues do after they discovered gold deposits on his land at Sutter’s Mill (before the Gold Rush began)?

    • They immediately informed the United States government of the news.
    • They kept the news quiet from everyone for as long as possible.
    • They set up a mining company and an armed security group to protect the goldfields.
    • They soon announced the news in several San Francisco newspapers.
  • Question of

    Which one of the following major Californian cities was the nearest and most closely located town to the gold-bearing lands of the Gold Rush?

    • Los Angeles
    • Sacramento
    • San Francisco
    • San Diego
  • Question of

    Which one of the following was not one of the main ethnic groups of people residing in Northern California, before the start of the Gold Rush?

    • Californios (Spanish-speaking Californians)
    • Chinese
    • Native Americans
    • White Americans
  • Question of

    In the first few months after gold had been found in California; how fast at first did the news or rumours of the gold-find spread?

    • Slowly – not fast; as only few people knew of the news.
    • Normal speed – spreading along just like any other news.
    • Fast/Very fast – as almost everyone heard of the news.
  • Question of

    Who confirmed rumours of the newly found gold-fields to the area’s local communities; two months after gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill?

    • Abraham Lincoln – who was a prominent national politician at the time.
    • James W. Marshall – the foreman at Sutter’s Mill who found the first gold deposits while at work.
    • John Sutter – the pioneer Sacramento cattle baron and owner of Sutter’s Mill.
    • Samuel Brannan – the San Francisco newspaper publisher and merchant.
  • Question of

    In the first few months after the first gold deposits had been found; who were the first group of prospectors that rushed to search for gold in the gold-fields?

    • Local Chinese merchants
    • Montana mining prospectors
    • Northern Californian residents
    • Pioneer Texan prospectors
  • Question of

    At the beginning of the Gold Rush; what was the main mining technique used by the very first prospectors to retrieve the gold found in gold-fields?

    • Blasting mountain rocks
    • Digging mining shafts and tunnels
    • Panning in rivers and streams
    • Sluicing rivers and streams
  • Question of

    What was the population of the residents of San Francisco; two years, before gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill (and the Gold Rush began)?

    • About 200 full-time residents
    • About 8,000 full-time residents
    • About 18,000 full-time residents
    • About 25,000 full-time residents


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