Species Of Worms Quiz

I think this simple quiz will give you some interesting knowledge about earthworms.

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  • Question of

    The earthworm belong to which phylum?

    • Tardigrada
    • Arthropoda
    • Annelida
    • Nematoda
  • Question of

    Which hemisphere is most suitable for velvet worms?

    • Western Hemisphere
    • Southern Hemisphere
    • Northern Hemisphere
    • Eastern Hemisphere
  • Question of

    In which environment will you find ribbon worms?

    • Desert
    • Marine
    • Woodland
    • Mountains
  • Question of

    In what damp environment do horsehair worms live?

    • Oceans
    • Streams and puddles
    • Gardens
    • Woodlands
  • Question of

    Which sea is home to the Hermodice carunculata (bearded fireworm)?

    • Beaufort Sea
    • Mediterranean Sea
    • Bellingshausen Sea
    • Ross Sea
  • Question of

    To which phylum do roundworms belong?

    • Pentastomida
    • Nematoda
    • Phoronida
    • Non of these
  • Question of

    What is the common name for the group of worms known as Echiura?

    • Ribbon worms
    • Peanut worms
    • Velvet worms
    • Spoon worms
  • Question of

    Do earthworms benefit the environment?

    • Yes
    • No


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