Roman Empire

The Roman Empire has long been a symbol of power. The Roman Emperors were extremely rich and powerful. The Empire stretched on three continents and almost all feared. They had a highly developed culture, and many well-known poets, philosophers and scientists gave them. From the Roman Empire developed Italy’s center of the Empire developed in the area of today’s Italy.

In this quiz, check the knowledge of the Roman Empire.

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  • Question of

    What was the first Roman emperor?

    • Ciceron
    • August
  • Question of

    In what century was the Roman Empire divided into two parts?

    • 4. BC
    • 8. BC
  • Question of

    Who burned Rome?

    • Trajan
    • Neron
  • Question of

    Who is the author of Eneida, book about Rome occurrence?

    • Virgil
    • Tacit
  • Question of

    Who were fighting in the area of today’s Croatian?

    • Goth
    • Iliri
  • Question of

    What faith has become official since the 4th century?

    • Islam
    • Christianity
  • Question of

    How is it called the central square of every Roman city?

    • agora
    • forum
  • Question of

    The Roman Empire fell apart

    • West and East
    • North and South


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