PART 2: Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You If You Properly Use These 10 Phrases

“Grammar: the difference between knowing you’re shit and knowing your shit.”

How good are you? Check your knowledge and let me know in comments ?

  • Question of

    “Nipped in the butt” or “Nippednin the bud”?

    • Nipped in the butt
    • Nipped in the bud
  • Question of

    “Piece of mind” or “Peace of mind”?

    • Piece of mind
    • Peace of mind
  • Question of

    “Make do” or “Make due”?

    • Make do
    • Make due
  • Question of

    “Case and point” or “Case in point”?

    • Case and point
    • Case in point
  • Question of

    “Tongue-and-cheek” or “Tongue-in-cheek”?

    • Tongue-and-cheek
    • Tongue-in-cheek
  • Question of

    “Supposedly” or “Supposably”?

    • Supposedly
    • Supposably
  • Question of

    “I need to lay down ” or “I need to lie down”?

    • I need to lay down
    • I need to lie down
  • Question of

    “I’m unphased” or “I’m unfazed”?

    • I’m unphased
    • I’m unfazed
  • Question of

    “Cognizant of” or “Cognizant to”?

    • Cognizant of
    • Cognizant to
  • Question of

    “We did a complete 360” or “We did a complete 180”?

    • We did a complete 360
    • We did a complete 180


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