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How much of a spelling swot are you?

Spelling is becoming tricky for me, maybe the age factor 🙂 Very basic words and quite commonly used quite frequently.

Lets have some spelling fun.

  • Which one is correct?

    • Accommodate
    • Accomodate
  • Pick the right one?

    • Weird
    • Weired
  • How do you spell this word?

    • Cemetary
    • Cemetery
  • Choose the right one.

    • Rhythm
    • Rhythem
  • Waiting for the next one?

    • Millenium
    • Millennium
  • We come across such situations in life. How to spell?

    • Embaras
    • Embarras
  • Spell the right one?

    • Liaison
    • Liason
  • How to spell this?

    • Ecstasy
    • Ecstacy

What do you think?

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Written by Ali Shehzad

I am a net worker, looking forward to make the life easier as far as the financial constraints are concerned!

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