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History Quiz

Everyone wants to increase their General Knowledge. Here I give you 10 questions related to history so check out your knowledge about History.

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    The Great Pyramid in Eqypt is in which location:

    • Luxor
    • Giza
    • The high plains
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Tipu sultan was the ruler of_____?

    • Hyderabad
    • Mumbai
    • Mysore
    • VIjayanagar
  • Question of

    The term Khalisa in Mughai administration sigified the____?

    • entire imperial establishment
    • land owned b the emperor himself
    • religious land grants
    • land from where revenue was collected for the imperial Treasury
  • Question of

    From which port of England, Titanic started its journry?

    • Liverpool
    • Southampton
    • Sunderland
    • Manchester
  • Question of

    The Hundred Years War ( from 1337 ton 1453 ) was fought between ____and____?

    • England and France
    • America and Argentina
    • England and Germany
    • Germany and Russia
  • Question of

    How did the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar die:

    • His food was poisoned
    • Tragically and unnecessarily in the last days of a foreign war
    • He was stabbed in the back
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Which is India’s first Color film?

    • Alarm Ara
    • Mother India
    • Taj Mahal
    • Kisan Kanya
  • Question of

    ‘Bucephalus’ was the name of the horse of____?

    • Alexander
    • Julius Caesar
    • Mark Antony
    • Napoleon
  • Question of

    What is the defination of domesticate?

    • People who move from place to place
    • Tools and Meathos to help humans with a certain task
    • weapons or tools made by humans
    • To tame plants or animals
  • Question of

    Under whose leadership was the all India Muslim League set up?

    • Mohammed All Jinnah
    • Sayyid Ahmed Khan
    • Age Khan
    • None of the above


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