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Feeling Bad? Take This Quiz And l Will Give You A Compliment

We’re all in this together, I hope this quiz makes you feel better!

  • How’s your day going?

    • Just bad. Really really bad.
    • I won’t remember this day in 10 years.
    • I’m just stressed.
    • It started out fine but it got progressively worse.
  • What makes you sad?

    • My bank account.
    • My health.
    • My job.
    • My whole life.
  • What would make things better right now?

    • 100$
    • Pizza.
    • A nice, comforting hug.
    • Alcohol.
  • How often are you happy?

    • Sometimes.
    • Often.
    • Never.
    • Rarely.
  • Do you believe you have the power to change your circumstances?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes but it’s complicated…
    • No but I’m trying.

What do you think?

26 points

Written by Beatriz Martins

17 year old, originally from Portugal. Passionate about traveling and photography.


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