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Can You Answer These Questions? Play this Quiz and Find out

Hi people. This quiz is for those people who have super power. Find out if you have super power. Find out if you have the answers for this questions. Enjoy in this quiz! Thank you!

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    Who was the first man that walked on the moon, 1969?

    • David Scott
    • Neil Amstrong
    • Michael Coins
  • Question of

    Is a spider an insect?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Why is the sky blue?

    • because of the clouds
    • because of molecules
  • Question of

    What is VHS?

    • Virtual Higher System
    • Video Home System
    • Video Hybrid Synthesis
  • Question of

    Which animal can live without water?

    • Kangaroo Rat
    • Elephant
    • Monkey
  • Question of

    Which country the most drinks Coca-Cola?

    • America
    • Mexico
    • Macedonia
  • Question of

    Who is the only planet that is not named by God?

    • Uranus
    • Venus
    • Earth
  • Question of

    What does DJ mean?

    • Disc Jockey
    • Dance Jockey
    • Disc Jukebox
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    Normal temperature body is?

    • 38 °C
    • 36,5 °C
    • 37.0 °C


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