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Antique Battles And Warfare! Quiz

There was a time that the study of history focused on battles only. Now that the perspective has changed, we might begin to forget that after all victory or defeat in battles DOES matter. Check your expertise.

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  • Question of

    Already at the very beginning of the history of Rome there is plundering, pillage and rape by Romulus and his companions. Of which neighbouring tribe did he ‘steal’ the eligible females?

    • Etruscans
    • Volsci
    • Samnites
    • Sabines
  • Question of

    One of the great generals of Ancient Rome was undoubtedly Gaius Julius Caesar. To which battle against his ex-ally Pompey did his crossing of the Rubicon (Alea Jacta Est)in 49 BC finally lead up, a few months later?

    • Pharsali
    • Carrhae
    • Philippi
    • Pistoria
  • Question of

    Rome’s main enemy before Caesar began his wars of conquest, had been the Carthaginians. What is the name given by historians to the wars between Carthage and Rome?

    • African Wars
    • Punic Wars
    • Peloponnesian Wars
    • Carthaginian Wars
  • Question of

    The great Roman generals in those wars were Fabius Maximus Cunctator and Scipio Africanus.The great Carthaginian military leaders were Hamilcar Barca, Hasdrubal and Hamilcar’s son Hannibal. What animals did Hannibal oppose the Romans with in the battles he fought with them?

    • Zebras
    • elephants
    • onagers
    • Przewalski horses
  • Question of

    After destroying Carthage the Romans wanted to discourage any survivor from trying to rebuild the city. What did they, at least according to a long-standing tradition, do for that purpose?

    • destroy all vegetation in a circle of 30 square kms
    • poison all the water reserves in the area
    • flood the whole area
    • scatter salt over the ruins which they hoped would make it impossible to ever rebuild the town
  • Question of

    It would be unwise to suppose the Romans were the only ones to get involved in wars. The Greeks, though a nation of poets, artists and thinkers, did a lot of fighting too. Apart from their wars with the Persians, there also were other quarrels. Who defeated the Athenian, Theban and Boeotian armies at Chaeronea in 338 BC?

    • Alexander the Great’s army
    • the Macedonians under Philip II of Macedonia
    • the Spartans under Lysander
    • the Spartans under King Leonidas
  • Question of

    All of these are battles between the Greeks and the Persians. Which of them is the only one that was a Persian victory?

    • Thermopylae, Mid-August 480 BC
    • Plataea, 24 August ,480 BC
    • Salamis, Sept. 480 BC
    • Marathon, 490 BC
  • Question of

    The Battle of Actium (31BC) was a painful defeat for some Ancient celebrities. Which of these committed suicide to escape the consequences of that battle?

    • Pompey
    • Anthony and Cleopatra
    • the emperor Nero
    • Brutus and Cassius


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