Would you rather (Part 4!)

“Would you rather” is a conversation or party game that poses a dilemma in the form of a question beginning with “would you rather”. Made by Yonis200. Feel free to follow me for more entertaining posts!

  • Would you rather be

    • a reverse centaur
    • a reverse mermaid/merman
  • Would you rather

    • every shirt you ever wear be kind of itchy
    • only be able to use one ply toilet paper
  • Would you rather

    • live in a cave
    • live in a tree house
  • Would you rather

    • be able to control fire
    • be able to control water
  • Would you rather be

    • beautiful/handsome but stupid
    • intelligent but ugly
  • Would you rather have

    • a flying carpet
      Surrealistic flying carpet against blue sky and white clouds. 3D rendering
    • a car that can drive underwater
  • Would you rather

    • never be stuck in traffic again
    • never get another cold
  • Would you rather

    • live the next ten years of your life in China
    • live the next ten years of your life in Russia
  • Would you rather be

    • completely invisible for one day
    • able to fly for one day
  • Would you rather

    • give up bathing for a month
    • give up the internet for a month

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Written by Yonis

Im an 18 year old male named Yonis. I live in Rotterdam and I am currently studying in the Erasmus University. I love having fun with my friends and family and i'm also a big fan of self improvement.

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