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Why Do You Owe it to Yourself to Experience the Joy of Gratitude?

“Someone somewhere is happy with less than what you have.” 

I know but on a regular basis? Sure, most of us count our blessings on Thanksgiving, but what about the other 364 days of the year? And do you only count your blessings when something good happens in your life? Perhaps being grateful doesn’t rank very high on your to-do list. 


You certainly aren’t alone. In a survey, only 10% of American adults regularly experienced the emotion of Gratitude. And only 20% rated Gratitude as a worthwhile and useful emotion. After all, you probably heard the phrase “Be grateful!” thousands of times growing up. You were supposed to be thankful for everything and everyone. But it only seemed to be the other person who benefited from your Gratitude. 


So, why do you owe it to yourself to experience the joy of gratitude? I used to wonder about the same thing. And then I changed my focus and transformed my life with the (almost) miracle cure of Gratitude. By realizing there is always something to be genuinely thankful for, I’ve truly stopped taking everything for granted. And this has given me an enormous sense of optimism and wellbeing for the future. 


And I say ‘almost’ miracle because this isn’t some stir-crazy nonsense. Hundreds of scientific studies have been carried out around Gratitude and what they found was amazing. You can read more about the Life-Changing Power of Gratitude, the magic, the science and the personal stories. You can start from the beginning or just dip in where you want. Throughout are beautiful quotes to inspire you to transform your own life and some little-known reasons why Gratitude Rocks, click HERE

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