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Why are we yawning ? Poll

Yawning is a reaction that start from mother’s womb and stay with us all ages. But what is the reason for this? It was believed that it increases the oxygen level in the blood. But recent scientific research shows that it is not like that. than why are we yawning ?

We are yawning estimatedly 240000 time in life but why ? and not only human do this but animal as well. These are two main concepts that try to explain it.

Concept No.1 – It is regarding air conditioning.  If we are tired, the temperature of the brain increases, especially in long meetings session. So we are pulling the cool air near side, which help to cool down and reboot the brain and as a result, we become more alert.

Concept No. 2 It is an alert system in human body or when we feel sleepy.

  • Which concept do you agree ?

    • Concept No 1
    • Concept No 2


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