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Which soccer team has the worst fans?

The European soccer season has kicked off for only one month, but three different groups of soccer fans have proven that they are the worst sports fans in the entire world.  Let’s look at each of these group of fans one-by-one.

1. Chelsea

In the UEFA Super Cup match between Liverpool and Chelsea last month, the match was deadlocked at a 2-2 draw.  The game then came down to penalty kicks.  Chelsea’s attacker Tammy Abraham missed his penalty to give Liverpool the victory and the Super Cup trophy.  After the match, Chelsea fans sent Facebook and Twitter posts degrading the race of Abraham instead of being disappointed that he missed the penalty shot.  The racial abuse was so bad that Chelsea coach Frank Lampard had to berate his own fans.

2. Manchester United

Ever since midfielder Paul Pogba returned to Manchester United, he has been blamed by fans for every mistake the team makes.  However, the derisive attacks were upped a notch in the last part of August in the same week when Man U fans sent Facebook and Twitter posts filled with racial abuse towards Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford in back-to-back games in which penalty kicks were missed.  Instead of taking time to reflect upon the mistake that they made, Manchester United fans decided to be racist anyway.

3. Cagliari

Cagliari has been the most mediocre club in Serie A history.  For some strange reason, the team dodges relegation every season in Italy.  However, their entitled fans are a bunch of sore losers.  In Cagliari’s 2-1 loss at home to Inter Milan, Inter’s new renowned striker Romelu Lukaku scored the game-winner on a penalty kick.  During the penalty kick, Cagliari fans had to nerve to serve up monkey chants before Lukaku kicked the ball into the net.  Don’t Italians know their history?  They are descendants of the Moors, who were of African descent.

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    Which soccer fans are the most racist?

    • Chelsea
    • Manchester United
    • Cagliari
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    Do you want Cagliari to be relegated?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. The Cagliari club even has four Moors on their crest (so does the flag of Sardinia).
    Inter fans showed support to Lukaku by chanting “all you have are sheep” to Cagliari fans. While the island is mostly known and famous for the sheep, that chant could have had a second meaning and it would have been as accurate.

    The Abraham’s episode reminds me of Zaza missing the penalty kick in the 2016 Euro Cup match against Germany. He was my favorite player so I easily noticed all the insults he received on social media. Abraham’s case was just worse because it involved racial abuse. Same for Pogba and Rashford. Very disappointing because real fans should support their players, no matter the circumstance.
    Cagliari, on the other hand, was mean towards rival players. However, that happened at the stadium and Lukaku was not their first victim.
    I read an interview from Antonio Conte (former Chelsea coach, current Inter’s) that Premier League fans tend to be more respectful as they only praise and cheer for their team while Serie A fans often insult and denigrate players of opposing teams.

    Tough choice, I went for Manchester Utd but they’re all bad.
    Ultras are dumb and may continue with their disgraceful behavior even when their club is threatened to be relegated. It wouldn’t be fair to demote the team if they still manage to qualify, but I voted “Yes” because I think playing in Serie B would make fans less frustrated, they’re currently dying of envy because they don’t have the cash to afford someone like Lukaku, so they say the grapes are sour.

    • I didn’t know that about Cagliari’s history and that is insightful and hilarious. I remember that happening to Zaza. He was shown so much disrespect that he had to play in Spain for a couple of years before returning back to Serie A. I voted for Cagliari because they did the same thing last season against Juventus.

      • Yes, with Kean. ? I’m glad they chose to keep on playing in Italy despite all the abuse they have to endure, but then not all the Italian teams are like Cagliari.
        Napoli was very supportive towards Koulibaly who, by scoring an own goal in the last minutes, made Juventus win the match. It was touching to see Chiellini comforting him and thousands of Napoli fans wearing a “Koulibaly mask” to express solidarity in the following match against Bologna. ? That’s how fans should be like.