When it ain't broke

Why fix something when it ain’t broke? And why upgrade if that something is working well for you? I am not that old fashioned by I prefer to stay with my old Nokia that I bought in 2010. It’s still working well with the text and even with the voice call. As I challenge, can you do text with one hand on your smart phone?

It’s not only the phone that I have resisted the changes. Even with the computer, my old desktop that I bought in 2009 is still doing well and good for my needs. It is running on Windows XP that I have not upgraded in spite of the free offers to upgrade it to Windows 7 and now to Windows 10 (although the old computer couldn’t handle the new operating systems mentioned). So why the need for upgrade?

  • Do you use a smart phone?

    • Yes
    • only for the internet
    • No


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I answered No because although I have a Smartphone I hardly ever use it! I’m sure it could do lots of lovely things, but I’m perfectly happy doing what I do with the tools at my disposal, namely a PC, Internet connection and landline phone!

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