What’s Your Inspiration for Running a Blog?

I run a blog on women issues and I must admit that while making money from my blog is a motivating factor for running the blog, the thought that I might help even one women achieve happiness and even fulfilment inspired starting.

I blog on women health, relationship and lifestyle, although I’m thinking of niching down a lot.

My passion and love for my niche has kept me going, even during the tough times.

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Written by Muobo


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  1. I started a blog in English in 2012, it is called Halcombe Norilsk that is my pseudonym to write. I started a blog in Spanish in 2014 titled Ser un Tusitala. I write these two blogs and even others but these two regularly. I write about anything as we can get inspiration from anything. Reading is very important, watching movies and even the news do help. Magazine and newspapers are always a good source of inspiration.

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