What Kind Of Person Posts "Selfies"?

  I was curious, why someone would be constantly posting images of themselves, featured as the central focal point or of the objects or property under their control, or management, I.E. excessive photographs on 99% of themselves or their things. This extract is from the below study which examines the phenomenon of selfie posting on social media and how it relates to narcissism, the Dark Triad, which comprises:

* impulsivity,

 * attachment style,

 * rejection sensitivity,

 * reflective functioning.

This sample is made up of 499 participants who completed an online survey consisting of personality measures as well as open- and closed-ended questions regarding selfie posting behavior. Data were analyzed using a negative binomial regression model. 

Results: The study found that individuals with high levels of the Dark Triad trait of psychopathy post more selfies on social media than do individuals with low levels of the trait. The Dark Triad trait of narcissism was found to be significantly related to selfie posting, with narcissistic men posting significantly more selfies than narcissistic women. 

Furthermore, the study found that individuals with high levels of motor and non-planning impulsivity posted significantly more selfies than individuals with lower levels of those traits. This study also found a trend whereby vulnerable narcissism and anxious attachment were predictive of increased selfie posting. Participants with higher levels of reflective functioning were found to post fewer selfies on social media, as were:

 * individuals, high in rejection sensitivity.

 * Grandiose narcissism, 

* subclinical narcissism, 

* avoidant attachment,

Intentional impulsivity was not found to be significantly related to increased selfie posting on social media.

SOURCE: An excerpt from a 111-page paper: “A dissertation submitted to the Graduate Faculty in Psychology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The City University of New York.”

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  1. That is very interesting. I do not take selfies of myself. I have about 3 selfies in my photo collection. One I took just for fun seeing myself in a mirror by a gas station and 2 taken of me and my husband on different occasions one in a mirrored wall and elevator. Now on my own, I would rather take photos of more interesting things than myself.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong or right about what to photograph, as far as I am concerned. The 111-page piece written entirely on the taking of selfies simply caught my attention and I thought to share it here. Thanks for reading and commenting, Sandra.


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