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What are ACEs?

ACEs refer to acute childhood traumas, which Include child abuse, harassment, parental separation, domestic tension or mental impact of a parent or any one of them.

Although there is no detailed research on this in the world with complete TORs, it was done on 260 medical students. According to a limited study, 52% of students experienced some form of trauma, such as ACE, in their childhood, which influenced their personal behavior and identity.

Parents should never ignore ACEs because it can affect our mental and physical health, because it can affect our mental and physical health even when we are young or growing up. It affect our mental development in childhood as well as affect our normal physiological response to any stress or stress situation, while in puberty they can make us addicted to chronic health problems, mental illnesses and addiction.

ACEs prevention can have different effects on the lives of children and adults such as:

  • Reduced risk of diseases such as depression and asthma in puberty , cancer and diabetes.
  • Reducing the risks of smoking and drug addiction
  • Improve academic and professional lives
  • Preventing the transfer of ACEs from one generation to the next
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