We are in a dark era

Welcome to the dark episode in our lifetime that is caused by the corona virus which is officially called Covid-19 virus. The reaction of the authorities is the lockdown to make people stay in their homes as a way of mitigating the spread of contamination. But after a month of lockdown, people are now taking a different stand that the lockdown is not really effective and only depriving the people of their liberty.

What can happen to the world if the corona virus would persist until the end of the year? It is a scary thought but we cannot deny the fact that the situation is still out of control. Authorities in the medical field keep on saying about the curve or the peaking that it is near but they are just talks like empty promises. So for now all we can do is to be patient with the rules of the lockdown. Just consider the situation as the dark era.

  • Do you go out of the house every day?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sometimes only


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Written by Alex Socorro

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