We all are equal: Sense8

This is another Netflix series I want to share with you: Sense8. We finished it several days ago, but still, are excited about the plot. In short, eight people from different countries realize that they can sensate (hear, visit and see) each other. They all are very different but can understand and sympathize each other.

The plot is exciting: it is fantasy, drama, action film, detective story, and melodrama. In general, it is interesting to look at its development.

The actors from different countries are well-chosen: they all are charismatic, cause sympathy or antipathy, look good and play convincingly. There are two seasons in this series and a two-hour episode as the third one.

I believe that the series is not for children. We really enjoyed watching.

Image credit: Netflix official site

  • Do you think that people can still understand the feelings and emotions of foreigners, regardless of their lifestyle, orientation, customs, traditions, attitude to life?

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