Venus de Milo – a memory

Arts for art’s sake is what I felt while buying the statue of Venus De Milo.  We were on a package holiday in Kashmir and the tour  package also covered a few other cities like Delhi, Agra and Jabalpur. 

I have written already about the Narmada boat ride and the Crocodile saga in Jabalpur It  is here that one gets to see soft marble rocks that skirt the river 

Enterprising craftsmen are using that stone to create several items including statues.  We bought the statue of Venus de Milo at this place – around 2 1/2 feet in size.  We had to carry it back home carefully but it stayed intact. 

The original statue of Venus de Milo needs no introduction.

  • Do you buy art for art’s sake without knowing the background?

    • Yes


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