Ileana's photo chain watercraft challenge – Boat ride on Narmada River – not a happy memory

We were on a package tour of Kashmir and got an opportunity to visit other States en route.  We were taken on a boat ride in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The beautiful Narmada river was beckoning us.  

I quite looked forward to this experience  The boatman asked us to maintain the balance and not to move but some irresponsible passenger got up wanting to change the place with her husband as the sun was hitting her face.  What followed was pandemonium. We all showed our resentment and most of all the boatman did not like it at all.  What he later said sent shudders down my spine.  He warned us that the river was infested with crocodiles. 

The view was scenic with those soft marble rocks skirting the river but that episode spoilt my mood and I just wanted to get over the ride.

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    • Those soft marble clad mountains were a joy to behold This soft marble is used to make artificial jewellery and also sculptures. I picked a few studs and a statue of Venus de Milo. Carrying it all the way home was indeed a task


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